Our story.

It all stemmed from my experience since 1998 when I joined, first as a sales clerk and later as Sales Manager, a company producing flexible polyurethane foam, both ether and ester types.

The first products we were able to place alongside polyurethane were latex (2009), offered in sheets, rolls and pillows and fabrics (2009) for the bedding sector, both loom (jacquard) and circular machine (stretch). Subsequently, we tried, not without difficulty, to include other types, always staying within the already known sectors: cardboard packaging (2010) and sewing threads (2012). Some impetus was given to us, starting in June 2012, by our collaboration with a company, still represented today, of wadding for padding. With our son Lorenzo joining the company, who, given his young age, can guarantee the continuation of the business to the principals, we added polyurethane processing/processing machinery (2016) and adhesives (2017). However, the important growth of our customer portfolio has been there since the year 2018. After a first contact made during 2014, which was followed by years of study, interspersed with continuous technical tests in the laboratory first and through the use of sophisticated machinery later, very demanding audits, we managed, after many sacrifices, to reach the goal that the customer had set: to find the ad hoc type of polyurethane that was able, through its physical-mechanical characteristics, to respond optimally to the demands of the type of application. This allowed us to develop an increasing collaboration with a well-known brand in the automotive industry, which, as mentioned, enabled us to achieve important results. Nevertheless, even at the last Interzum fair, held in Cologne May 9-12, 2023, we made new contacts, because it is our intention to add more principals as soon as possible.

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